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Thread: Basic premise of valley has failed-no community spirit at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmallChange View Post
    You have posted a lot about not collecting chickens, such as

    I am presently sitting on 53 fuel, but will not spend one to pick up a chicken in the spot next to where i am presently parked

    it’s up to you, obviously, but likewise it’s up to me to find that frustrating & selfish.

    I ‘go out of my way’ to collect them because you never know if you’ll have enough at the end or not (though that’s much better now since they dropped it from 250 to 100) at the end you might end up with excess as people will still collect them as they pass them or when they do the group challenges (especially when they are sun tasks).

    The Valley has been a bit of a fail as far as being ‘community game play’ because of the lack of ability to communicate within the Valley, however, I’ll still do as much as I can to help others, including collecting chickens & repairing trucks.

    But yes, your game: your choice - as with everything.
    Some people obviously like the challenge of collecting chickens. If they did away with the truck breakdown, I would revisit my tactic. As it is now, I have way too many breakdowns trying to collect the token I want to risk missing out on tokens to break down collect chickens. Besides, halfway through the valley season we have the required 100 chickens. I really do not see the point of collecting more than needed. Maybe I am missing something, but after 100 why bother?
    I also only play a bit in the morning and then again late evening. With limited game time, sorry, still see chickens as a waste of time. Especially since the only one I have seen are very far away from where my truck is.

    I guess the bottom line is that, as you suggested, I do not really see it as a community game play. I do not think collecting chickens is really helping others. I have never even seen a truck needing repair, so I have not decided what i would do with that. From this forum, I guess there is a bug which prevents people from helping the truck, so I would probably ignore those as well.

    I really enjoy our discussion. I am sorry you find my comments (and/or actions) frustrating and selfish. I am not sure what you mean by "you never now if you will have enough at the end". You can check at any time.

    Many people do not do the events and the member of the community who do loose out on 10 diamonds. The diamond events I do, the decoration events i do not. Do you see this as the same as the valley chickens - i.e. selfish play? Truly curious, not trolling. I enjoy someone who can articulate another point of view intelligently. That is how we learn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan1 View Post
    I'll rejoin the valley when I see significant positive feedback for it.
    The people with positive feedback do not post on the forum. Just saying. It is something everyone must judge for themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan1 View Post
    I'll rejoin the valley when I see significant positive feedback for it.
    I do not think best to evaluate the Valley play by what others think or post about it.
    I really hated it at first because it seems such a distraction from the main game. The more I figured out on how to play it the more tolerable it got.
    Winning the 40 diamonds and some permits was the motivator.
    First of all you have to decide if you want to set your goal on winning one of the final prizes and some of the other prizes like permits and diamond decor items. Other than that the other prizes are basically worthless and not worth the cost of the tokens it ask for.

    About chickens. Everyone should contribute to collecting chickens until the goal is reached and final prizes unlocked.
    Why are you playing valley if not wanting to win one of the final prizes?
    Weird thing is players continue to collect chickens after the 100 goal is reached.
    I try to collect chickens that are in my path. Will not burn much extra fuel going out of the way for it.
    Sometimes chickens appear in the Quest line where the chests are. Just have to remember to tap on the chicken to get it.

    I have developed much strategy from the prior season to achieve max tokens with least amount of fuel spent.
    I played last season with five farms. Those sun tasks just about done me in. I was expecting improvement of the sun tasks for last season but they were just as awful and too time consuming. I may avoid next season just because of the sun tasks. What really turns me off is the rigged fuel wheel. It starts landing on 6 almost every time no matter how you spin the wheel. Maybe after collecting a bunch of tokens it is programmed to slow you down, I do not know but it seems that way.

    I had to play valley the first time... The scarecrow made me do it.

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    I had no choice... The scarecrow made me do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zebedee4 View Post
    This has been the worst valley season for me so far, the only difference is I decided not to care! So I am not going to give an angry rant here but wanted to point out how the idea that the valley would involve a random group of farmers all working together to collect chickens, complete group orders and repair each others trucks is not working at all. I donít know why but considering that the global events have not been successful the last few times and it can take hours until someone can be bothered to take a few seconds to water trees and bushes after buying a ton of good stuff from the DD, it just seems like players are sadly not interested in helping each other at all anymore-unless youíre neighbors I guess. In fact the dominance of neighborhoods in the game probably adds to it as all other players are just seen as raiders or rivals.
    My valley has collected 44 eggs, 3/4 by me and I think 1-2 others have been active. Have seen a total of 10 trucks from 3 hoods, 6 of which have definitely not moved since the first day. Not one group order has been filled, not one truck repaired (broken down right now right between 2 other trucks, ie one stop for them to help ), and I have not seen a single broken down truck that I could help during the whole season-I guess if no one is playing there wont be any of course!
    I have collected tokens, got 3 permits amd a puzzle piece, hopefully will have enough for 1 or 2 more cheaper items so am happy enough with that-only did up to 50/100 fuel tasks so didnt get too stressed or end up with an unusable farm like before. But whats the point? A lonely, vast valley, most of which is unnecessary - wouldnít it make more sense for it to be a completely solo event, reduced in size and without the group tasks etc.?
    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Our Valley managed to get chickens but often I couldn't fix trucks either because I didn't have enough gas or I manage to get to broken down truck but then was unable to fix it. I'm sure I can't possible be the only one who encountered those problems.

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