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Thread: Canít join cwl help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petgoat View Post
    I found out that two co’s who decided to removed me but not my mini one because apparently there are too many for 15 vs 15 war instead of 30 vs 30. Stupid co that I left this clan just now. I don’t know what to do. 
    I agree its stupid mate..
    Even accounts that have no chance of making war day roster should always be included..
    That way, those left out still get 20% of the medal allowance.

    I agree with your your decision to leave too..
    Either they havent a clue what they are doing, or they are so far up their own whatsits mate..
    Good luck..
    NB.. Even people that do cwl in one clan, can simultaneously do regular war with another clan.

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    Yes i agree with wotan😀

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