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    Iím curious what league that is? Itís a shame that it is impossible for some participants to get rewards for their league, not because they donít use their attacks or try but because inactive clans continue to drop. They can find their equilibrium then be stonewalled by these clans two or three times making it almost impossible for everyone the get their 8 medals.

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    OP - I'd hazard a guess that last season you had some stronger bases in your line up, and got promoted (and haven't used the same bases for your line up in this season)

    Bluntly, you are going to struggle this season. You have no TH12, and no TH10 in your line up (and only 3x TH11)
    All your enemies have at least a TH12. See the week's line up here:

    If you want more info on how CWL works, please feel free to post again, and I'll give you more info. However, as you haven't posted anything further in this chat (and ony have 1 post to your name) I'm not sure if you are looking for answers, or just to rant.

    Either way, good luck with this week - get as many stars and medals as you can, and won't worry about the results.

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    OP, don't concede the war before the first shot is fired.

    You are in gold league. Likely this clan will do one or more of the following:

    * miss half of its attacks
    * not fill its defensive clan castles
    * attack poorly, and/or without offensive clan castles
    * have poorly laid out bases.

    If the enemy clan didn't do these things, they would be out of gold league. Give it your best shot (i.e., don't do the above things), you will likely do better than you expected.
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    This is totally disgusting and disappointing TOO. Nothing new content, nothing new news. Gave a big DISLIKE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fourbz View Post

    Some great first CWL match up right here.

    Their 14 is better than our 4-15
    Quote Originally Posted by DR5649 View Post
    I agree with fourbz....there is no matchmaking
    But why sc not doing anything on matchmaking in cwl
    How low lvl townhall or player attack on high bases...樂樂廊
    Guys, it is an unweighted, performance based ladder system.. The way the system "matches" clans is decided purely on how you performed in the previous season..
    You are in a tier, so you will get 7 opponents from within that tier.. It is that simple.

    However.. If it is your first season in cwl, then unlucky..
    The weight of your heaviest 15 accounts will determine which tier you are placed in..

    That weighting scale is likely to be the same one they used when cwl was first rolled out..
    That was a year ago.. Imagine how much progression those other clans within your tier have achieved in a year..
    Good luck.. You may well need it.

    As an aside.. i just done a hit up 9v10 attack in cwl.. During that attack, just as I reached the core, my account levelled up (I suppose as the hall fell).. That new level blazened across the screen, thus completely blocking out the screen, so I could neither see what was happening, nor drop spells accurately..
    Really Supercell?.. Is levelling up your account really so important, so that it totally kills your chances on the raid it invades?..
    I would think a message at the end of the raid would suffice.
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