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Thread: Fishing area: somewhere to check stock🐟🦞🦆

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    Fishing area: somewhere to check stock🐟🦞🦆

    I would love to have somewhere when Im in my fishing area to check numbers of what I currently have stocked for fish, feathers & lobsters. Right now Im bouncing back and forth between the fishing area and either my barn/Tom/RSS to check before throwing in my traps/tubes/nets.

    First post ever😁😬... hope I followed the rules✅

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    I agree with this request. We need an inventory in the fishing area. "Angler's Stock" or a fisherman's wicker basket that you touch with a basic count. How many fish, feathers and lobsters are in the current inventory.

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    A simple solution would be extend the lures/nets inventory by one page to include fillet, lobster n feathers.

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    Yes, a link to the barn would be nice. I think I have asked for this twice.

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    I am in complete agreement with that

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