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Thread: Need a good BASE while in Titan!

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    Need a good BASE while in Titan!

    Sup Guys & Girls!

    Iím all the way up in Titan League 2 (4500) as a townhall 10 but my buildings / defence are all town hall 9 bases + I havenít added anything new so basically Iím engineered however I want to get a solid Pushing base although it wonít help me from being 3* by max TH12/11s I want to decrease the chances for TH11s with no so maxed out troops or occasional TH10s?

    Any good bases around?
    Post a link below - thanks you!

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    You can use 'Clash BasePedia ' app, it has more then 3000 layout links with images
    'Clash BasePedia' is a layout sharing community for Clash Of Clans layout links
    android :
    ios :

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