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    Kik shutting down October 19th. What’s the plan for alternatives?

    Read the announcement that kik is shutting down Oct 19th. Anyone know how that will effect those of us that use it regularly to do trades. And/ or what will be the new avenue for communication?


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    I don't know what we're going to do. There's no consensus. This thread has some discussion:

    Meonhoc has good summary of the alternatives on page 2 of that thread.
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    I’m actually thinking that telegram or signal would be better options for those of us looking for a secure, simple chatting mechanism that works around the world.....

    Telegram - this is a definite possibility as they protect phone numbers and privacy info under a username like kik did

    Whatsapp - this is owned by Facebook which is a deal breaker for me and it’s privacy setting are terms of services are horrible.

    Facebook messenger - no.

    Viber - I don’t love that they automatically add your contacts and can access other parts of your phone....but it’s a fairly simply messenger system

    Line - has features similar to kik but also has a lot of other apps features I would never use including VOIP stuff and connections to other apps (do you want line taking over your Uber app? Maybe check)

    Signal - this seems to function a lot like kik to me - although it requires a phone number to register. It’s highly secure.
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    Such a shame kik is shutting down - I’m no techno whizz so will wait till you guys form an opinion and then go with you☹️☹️
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    After Kik is shut down, it should be interesting to see how its absence will affect traffic in the Hay Day subforum, specifically the trading thread which is the most active thread with about 6000 replies and 264,000 views.

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    I did not care for the Kik interface. I am okay with FB messenger. Okay with discord. Good with slack.

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    There's also Threema, which is from Swiss developers. It's secure, can be used anonymously and has a lot of features. It's not free, though... it's 2.95 CHF to purchase it.

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    I might sad it’s closing down, I’ve made lots of friends on it & had some good chats with traders...lots of lost contacts & history

    i do not do Facebook & will not do messenger. I’ll consider most other things, so I think I’ll just see what the general consensus is I think.

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    We have one hoodmate that uses telegram, so we may try that first. I definitely want to stay in touch with my kik contacts.
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