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Thread: Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

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    Cool Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

    What is it?

    A website that allows you to track your progress, see what upgrades are remaining for your village and plan an upgrade path.

    How does it work?

    Create an account on the site and add your village(s). The data available through the Clash of Clans API is automatically pulled in and then you can enter any remaining details for your village. Once setup you can track your current upgrade and create upgrade plans using a Gannt chart style timeline.


    • Track upgrades for both the Home Village and Builder Base
    • Supports TH1 to TH12, BH1 to BH9 and includes the June 2019 update
    • Updated for O.T.T.O and 6th builder support
    • Support for Season Boost cost and time reductions
    • Supports multiple Villages
    • Builder and Lab timeline planner to plan out your upgrade path
    • Track the Trader offer cycle and see when each of the magic items will next be on offer
    • Push notifications for completed upgrades and when magic items of interest are on offer from the Trader
    • Share a live link to your village progress that shows your current levels and active upgrades
    • Actively developed.
    • Fully responsive and compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop
    • Web based so you can log in anywhere with a browser and internet connection
    • Free!

    More details can be found here:


    Suggestions/feature requests?

    A number of new features and additions in recent months have been a direct result of users getting in touch with their ideas. If you have an idea for a new feature or improvement that will make the tracker better, let me know. If it will benefit the general user base and is technically feasible, Iíll try and get it implemented!
    Clash Ninja - Upgrade Tracker and Guides - Forum Thread

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    Nice upgrade tracker!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatanaMaster12 View Post
    Nice upgrade tracker!
    Great to hear you like it
    Clash Ninja - Upgrade Tracker and Guides - Forum Thread

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    Neat one, thanks for sharing!
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