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Thread: A place for Organized Base Sharing

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    Red face A place for Organized Base Sharing

    Hi Chiefs,

    Recently Clash of Clans had introduced the feature of directly copying layouts which made our lives easier.

    Now that we can share layout links- it opened the opportunity to have an organized collection of base layouts where one might be able to search for specific types of layouts, preview them, read reviews about that base, and then if it suits your need- copy the layout.

    Being a software engineer and long-time Clasher, I've been trying to get a site up and running for that very purpose- finding or sharing base layouts in an organized manner.

    You can find the site at-

    So far you can do the following-

    - Browse Town Hall or Builder Base Layouts
    - Filter layouts based on level or specific tags, or popularity
    - Directly copy any layout

    - Preview layout screenshot
    - Read review/comments on a layout, like/dislike

    - Upload and share layouts

    Browsing around the site should be pretty fast, and it is also optimized for mobile users (small screen).

    The site is just launched so the collection is not big at all, but hopefully through community contribution it will go up soon.

    Please try out and let me know of any suggestions you might have. Thanks!

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    Good work dude👍.
    Hope you upload more base in future.ty

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    Very cool. Hopefully the site will be successful and help many people. Only one word that I can say, cool

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