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Thread: Keeping it real with a few rules

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    Keeping it real with a few rules

    Hi there I’m Kathryn, a coleader at Keeping it Real, #8YLJCQCY, With a white horse on a blue heart.

    We are an international English-speaking neighborhood. We intentionally keep our neighborhood size between 10 and 20 for optimal task selection during derby. We are friendly and helpful and ask the same in return. We have a solid derby record and dedicated players, who play to relax, enjoy, chat a little, and hopefully win!

    Derby goals in order of importance
    *Maintain championship level, this is a must
    *Collect nine horseshoes, this is a must
    *Place in the top three (if we can we will; we are not and do not want to be a win at all costs team).We play every derby and post the strategy for each week. That way everyone knows what is expected of them.

    A few simple rules
    1. Level 85, this helps us be able to help each other with our tasks
    2, Adult hood 18+
    3. Must speak English/communicate in English
    4. Active daily players: maintain your farm, town, and stock items.
    5. Be a helpful friendly self-sufficient player. We are quiet hood, but we all try to say TY and YW.
    6. We play 320 and 400 only. If you can’t commit to this please opt out for the week.
    7. We do 10 task most weeks. The leader ship will announce it usually by Friday.
    8. We all make mistakes. If you run out of time or take a low point task, own it by posting on chat.
    9. Moochers, drama queens, selfish players, bad tempers and foul language will be removed immediately.

    All derby players are promoted to Elder status to help keep tasks deleted and refreshed. We don’t encourage calling tasks, there is no guarantee it won’t be taken. New players are opted out until conversation is made.

    If you feel you would be a good fit, we look forward to including you in our neighborhood! Please contact me via private message for an invitation.

    Kathryn, Call me K Farm # 8YQGYGQU
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