✅ Max Town Hall 11 Offense & Defense
✅ Max Town Hall 11 Heroes
Lvl 50 Archer Queen
Lvl 50 Barbarian King
Lvl 20 Grand Warden
✅ Max gold, elixir, & dark elixir storages
✅ Max treasury
✅ As many books and hammers as possible
✅ Save up $5 so you can purchase a gold
pass. Don't forget we do weekly and monthly
giveaways 😊

It's a race to unlock max Electro DroagLoon during the first phase. This is going to give you a 3 star army that you can use to farm Dark Elixir
Heroes are still one of the most important aspects of 3 starring max bases. Make sure you don't fall behind
Hero Levels
END OF PHASE ⚀: AQ 55, BK 55, GW 25
END OF PHASE ⚁: AQ 65, BK 65, GW 40
Consider 'Push-Farming' To practice 3 starring while farming in high leagues so the attack bonus pays for the army
Find/Build a good base for war immediately. Until you get to phase 2 there's a possibility of being 3 starred by th11s, so make sure you're not making it easier for your opponents

(Immediate Upgrades)
This phase is the immediate ramp up phase. This is where you will use the items and loot you should have saved up before upgrading town halls. This is where having a full compliment of Books, Hammers, Special Offers, & a Gold Pass if possible makes all the difference. Your goal is to upgrade your storages, unlock your max th12 offensive 3 star capacity and armies asap. Upgrading to max electro DragLoon is your top priority. Afterwards you will want to upgrade Witches + Bowlers for max GiWiBo before going all in on your heroes.

1. Clan Castle
2. Laboratory
3. Spell Factory
4. Army Camps
5. Siege Workshop
6. Barracks
7. Dark Barracks
8. Elixir Storages
9. Gold Storages

Now is when we really start becoming a TH12 on defense. Unlike lower town halls, you need to upgrade your key town hall 12 defenses like the Giga Tesla, Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, & Xbows before maxing out your other defenses. This is when you need to commit to farming your heroes and maxing them out so you can 3 star max bases in war. Your heroes need to be max before moving to phase 3.

1. 3rd Inferno Tower
2. 4th Xbow
3. 5th Tesla
4. Dark Barracks
5. Barracks
6. Giga Tesla
7. Eagle Artillery
8. Xbows
9. Inferno Towers
10. Air Defense
11. Teslas
12. Max Heroes
(I know it's hard
but if you want
to be the best,
you gotta do
what you gotta
PHASE 3 - "TIME TO FLEX" #FlexArmstrong
The last phase is to max out the remaining defenses + walls, and your laboratory. Focus on the current meta (As of September 2019) which includes armies like: DragBat, BatSlap, Pekka BoBat, AQ charge/hogs/miners/laloon. Master your craft and be proud you're highest town hall level in the game. Luckily I'm here to make things a lot easier so don't forget to click the links above to learn those attack

1. Archer Towers
2. Cannons
3. Wizard Towers
4. Bomb Tower
5. Air Sweepers
6. Mortars!
7. All Traps
8. Walls
9. Resource Collectors

Laboratory Upgrade Guide
1. Electro DragLoon
✳ Electro Dragons
✳ Balloons
✳ Rage Spell
✳ Freeze Spell
2. GiWiBo
✳ Witches
✳ Bowlers
✳ Giants
3. Pekka BoBat/ BatSlap
✳ Pekkas
✳ Bat Spells
✳ Ice Golems
4. Laloon
✳ Lava Hounds
✳ Poison Spell
✳ Skeleton Spell
✳ Minions
5. Hog Rider Attacks
✳ Hog Riders
✳ Golem
✳ Wizards
6. DragBat
✳ Dragons
✳ Baby Dragons
7. Miners
8. Siege Machines
✳ Wallwrecker
✳ Stone Slammer
✳ Battle Blimp
9. Wallbreakers