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    Thank you Nick for not only valley improvements but not forgetting our core farm game - looking forward to working towards the new areas and zebra
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bestajunior View Post
    I have surprised myself by liking the valley. In the past I would check my boat logging in. Now it’s straight to the valley for a chicken and token count. I absolutely love it. Thanks for the no running back and forth from farm to valley for fuel spins. I like that we can wait to finish collecting crops or whatever before going back to do the sun spins.
    I love fishing, i really do. So much so that i have 6 fully expanded lakes. I love the fishing sun task (oh the horror!). The occasional KA-CHING!! THE FUEL SPIN IS UNLOCKED really did its best to ruin my quiet, soothing immersion. I guess its still there popping up, but now i can just ignore it and keep fishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zetis View Post
    I'm a bit worried about new land expansions.. I hope that they won't make Tom or the truck any more slower. They are incredible slow already.
    And you made the truck way faster! Great! After asking this for so many times. And my team mate says that Tom runs faster too.

    If I may ask, I would still prefer if Tom would offer the quantities right away without need to run 2 times for one order.

    But big thanks for listening the players!
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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    I heard some have decorations inside. Still wanna bet ?

    I bet all my ghost collection. All in!
    Meo you won. So you get to keep your ghost collection. Sooooo maybe I won after all. 😁

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