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Thread: The non-playing player became the head of the clan

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    The non-playing player became the head of the clan

    I accidentally handed over the head of the clan to a non-playing player. He has not been playing for more than 1 year. I myself opened this clan.
    How can I get my clan back?
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    First "accidentally"? You should be more focused when you pro- or demote someone...

    But there are 2 co-leaders in your clan. So in 90 days one of them will get the leader rank if the actual leader never log in the game. As long as they are at least online sometimes...

    In the meantime one of them can promote you to co-leader and you can manage the clan....

    If they are inactive too, your clan is lost...
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    You promoted to leader, a member of your clan. Sorry to hear that.
    I don't think the forums, or SC can really help you with that.
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    A lot depends on the circumstances of the change..
    If you simply demoted yourself to co leader, then it is possible you will regain it after the 90 day period.
    If you transferred leadership then left the clan, then your membership will have reset to when you rejoined.

    It doesnt matter whom started the clan.. Any entitlement you had was lost as soon as you left.

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