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    **Clan Name** ( #289U9RLJC ) | **Clan Level** 7

    **Clan Entry Requirements:** Request to join with "Forums" and/or speak with a member of the Leadership Team in our Discord!

    **We Offer 7+ Years of Clash History In ONE Place (2013 - Present) - Check us Out:** [](

    **CWL League Level: Crystal III**

    **Recent Highlights:** We're experiencing some great times - Maxing clan games, loot is flowing, rocking out in CWL, and 40+ active members as part of the clan -- We're part of an 8+ clan family with movement to others! Stop by our Discord ([]( and say hello!

    Recruiting active players looking for a chill spot to call home!

    \* Are you tired of scouring global clans and being disappointed every time?'

    \* Requesting troops and receiving garbage?

    \* Unreal war requirements and people who take the game too seriously?

    \* Missing out on max clan perks and those sweet potions and books?

    Do you just want to PLAY Clash of Clans?

    Well, my friend. Welcome to (#289U9RLJC). Our clan culture is around BUILDING each other up -- NOT putting each other down and becoming as effective war attackers as possible!

    We can offer YOU:

    \* Donation requirements? What are those? WE DONíT HAVE THEM!

    \* Near max Clan Perks!

    \* MAX Clan Games!

    \* Stable, strong, drama free leadership core that makes sure to always drive us forward!

    \* Discord chat and bots! [](

    Are YOU the right fit for US? Our Requirements:

    \* ALL Town Halls 11+ with Eagle artillery Accepted!

    \* Donate but respect what is being requested Ė Read what is being asked for!

    \* Donít be a jerk, donít cheat; DO build up your clanmates, DO participate in events!

    \* Be active! No badge within one week of season reset = kick!

    Alright - Letís get you in! YOU MUST TALK with us on Discord!
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