I've been a reasonably long-time HD player. For the most part, even when I am disappointed with some aspect of the game, I look for an upside. After all it's just a game (a very fine one). And besides, that approach works pretty well for me in the real-world.

I'm not much of a Derby player unless there are new decos available, so it's been awhile. Still consistently play Town, although I'd like to see some new features there. Am enjoying the new Valley and do like that it's not a major time commitment. For the most part, I participate in most global events and like any player savor good event goal prizes along with a nice global prize. But it's been awhile since any were especially appealing or exciting to this player. Case in point is current helping event--axes, picks, dynamite, 1-star booster and 10 diamonds at the end of the road. For this upper level player---meh.

I know there are threads devoted to complaints re: Valley prizes so won't go there. It's nice to get some scrolls, although am in no hurry to clear the land as I am not loving the land decos. I do like my newly acquired Valley train deco although I hope the artists will be inspired with some new ideas for the next Valley season as the first three are just a tad cookie cutter. Having said that, as a graphic designer I very much appreciate the effort that goes into mass producing art/decos. Go Team HD art!

The truth is my favorite part of the game is farm design...arranging, re-arranging, adding new decos as the seasons change. Love it. Over the years I have paid for diamonds which included decos but it's been awhile since I supported HD with my $. Most recent offers have featured boosters and I'm just not interested. So with this deco drought, I'm jonesing.

I would love to see more decos that rival great stuff like the Oriental collections, Wisteria/Cherry Blossom/Poinciana trees etc, Sanctuary plants, campsite collection, the delightful wedding items...and I'm sure there are more that are not occurring to me at this moment. Frankly, I would be quite happy with recycling some of these items back for purchase as my pocketbook was limited at the time and I did not acquire them all. Bring 'em back!

So it's not all a bed of roses, but not all thorns either.