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Thread: Why game doesn't auto end after all troops dead?

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    Why game doesn't auto end after all troops dead?

    Couldn't find specific sub forum for this. Excuse me. Just wondering what's going on. Is a match supposed to end after all troops die? I've assumed so but I can't find my living troop(s) keeping this match going. Maybe my assumption is wrong. Let me know. Thanks

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    There are some spells which can keep a battle going. People have, for example, used an EQ on a weakened TH at the end to take it down.

    EQ, Lightning, Bat and Skeleton spells all provide additional offensive clout, even after all deployed troops perish.I think (but may be wrong since things change) that a donated spell will not hold a battle open, but a "homebrew" one can.
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    A seige machine will also keep it open

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