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Thread: Canning factory

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    Canning factory


    For a long time there were no new factory.

    I offer new subjects:
    - mushrooms;
    - garlic;
    - dill;
    - vinegar - vinegar preparation in a sauce maker: apples, white sugar, honey.

    New aggregate - canning factory.
    You can do сanned foods:
    - mushrooms: mushrooms, vinegar, onion, white sugar, chili pepper;
    - banana: banana, white sugar, lemon curd;
    - cucumbers: cucumbers, garlic, dill, vinegar;
    - tomato: tomato, chili pepper, carrot, vinegar.

    Thank you for attention

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    Where will we make the vinegar?
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    in sauce maker - ingredients: apples, white sugar, honey
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    Considering that the purpose of canning is food preservation and that nothing ever spoils on Hay Day, I don't think this idea is practical.
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    These products are not intended for storage, but for sale.

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