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Thread: Siegeless Clan Castle. Is it worth it?

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    Siegeless Clan Castle. Is it worth it?

    On my clan, there is nobody that can donate Siege Machines. So I am forced to battle with no Siege Machines since I am not a TH12. Are Siegeless Clan Castles still worth using or are my 3 Star chances against even weak bases close to zero?

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    TH11s ☆☆☆ed other TH11s before TH 12, and SMs, were added, so I assume they still can. Granted, an SM can increase those odds, but still possible without.
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    i guess you can still 3 star without siege , but if your opponent has access to siege machine, chances for him 3 starring your base increases...

    why dont you post your siege request here,

    many with siege machines will be happy to help you

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    We had the same problem in my clan. So not wanting to mess up one of my other good accounts I started a new one and rushed/engineered it to th12 ASAP. took about 5 months but now I can donate maxed SM to the clan, so it was totally worth it imo. I'm in the process of fixing it now.

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