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Thread: This hero upgrading option can change everything!!!

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    Lightbulb This hero upgrading option can change everything!!!

    I just recently upgraded to th9 about a week ago and I realized that there are a ridiculous amount of hero upgrades; 50 in total if you had a max th8 king. Each one of these upgrades takes about a day and a half or more, and barely increases the stats of your hero each time, for example, +4 dps. Me and my friend were thinking of a way that this can be much more convenient, because one of the biggest problems is you canít use your hero while itís upgrading, which is really frustrating. We thought about suggesting that you are still able to use ur hero when upgrading, but we came up with an even better idea in my opinion. There should be a hero upgrade option that allows you to upgrade 5 hero levels at a time, for a discounted price and time. That way, people can use their time more efficiently, and are able to use their heroes more often, but will have to risk their loot getting stolen because they will be holding onto it for longer.

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    This would be impossible for 15+, as the price for the queen is at 60k DE by then.

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    Supercell has stated multiple times this is never going to happen which is why instead they've introduced multiple magic items to shorten the upgrade path in addition to lowering the cost and times on most of the lower levels.

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    This pretty much falls in line with builder queueing which is ruled out.
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    A day and a half you say? Oh, the humanity.

    Just wait until its 7 days ....

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