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    Found 4 minor bugs in the game

    1. After using the hero boost, we could see the time left of the heroes in the divided format like (40 mins /4 = 10 mins) behind the hero icons. However, it is sometimes buggy and shows 40 mins (like there is no boost). There also occurs a visiual bug on the countdown like 2 secs down and 1 secs up continuously and tries to go down x4 speed but cant

    2. In the clan games section, the selected game goes the first spot of the tab but sometimes it doesnt work. (It refreshes after closing and opening the tab again)

    3. In the season challenges tab, completed challenges goes to completed area but sometimes they dont. It again refreshes after closing and opening again.

    4. When someone fights in the clan war, the animation works, its ok. But when we click the ! icon in the map, it scrolls the page down and suddenly up like we never clicked and ! icon disappears.

    I dont know if they are known issues or not but just wanted to point out. Thanks and clash on.
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