I would like to alert Farmers of an invisible thief

1. Go to my baby farm to buy 18 chicken feed
2. Both boards show the chicken feed as purchased by me as the 18 chicken feed flies off the boards
3. Return to my farm but only 8 made it back
4. Refreshed my baby farm and confirmed 18 was bought there is none remaining
5. HD refunded some coins for the chicken feed when it was realised Rosie was not helping or available. But too many goods had gone missing and still continue to do so. I didn’t need the coins but my produce as time and effort wasted in reworking
6. HD was kind in advising they are looking into the matter
7. Today it migrated to bigger items like 10 iron bars went missing . My baby farm had 33 and I needed 20 for train upgrade. So 10 got ‘stolen’ mysteriously and I am left with 3 after I used 20 for my train upgrade
8. At least with the L bot we know the name but with this I have no clue who is stealing
9. I wish more understood stealing is not fair play

SC please help to end this mystery it’s no fun losing produce this way as there is no L to blame so where is it going to?