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Thread: Lv 166 looking for a hood

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    Thank you for all for taking time out to reply .. I have now found a hood 😊

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    Dec 2017
    Hi, come and join us! Ripley's farm tag PQ9PUQQY
    Please read our ad on Forum, hope you choose us!
    Lvl 137, town 38 #ULU2U8Y

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    Hi, Iím looking for more members for my hood.

    🐷 about our hood 🐠
    * We are active derby players and regularly place in the top 3 at championship level
    * International (english speaking) members
    * Hood is run as a friendly and collaborative team and we welcome suggestions from all members
    * We trash low tasks and regularly help each other
    * We have a Facebook group if you like to chat outside of the game

    🐟 Requirements 🐶
    * Complete all 9 derby tasks at 320+ points, or opt-out if too busy (10th task is optional)
    * Minimum level of 60
    * Donít be rude to other members

    Also open to having a small hood merge into ours. If we sound like a good fit for you, come join our team!

    🐶 Our info 🐱
    Aussie Derby Farmers
    NH tag: PYCCYLY2
    Emblem: blue shield with a white saw and saw.

    ✨If our NH isnít the right fit for you I also have a Facebook group for people looking for members, or looking for a hood to join:

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