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Thread: Can i play COC on ipad 3? (32gb)

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    Can i play COC on ipad 3? (32gb)

    i want to buy a ipad 3 for playing coc...will i be able to play coc on it?

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    As of June 2018, iOS 8 and lower is not supported anymore. A quick google search showed me that the iPad 3 is supported upto iOS 9.x.x.

    Conclusion: yes, you should be able to play CoC on an iPad 3. It might not run as smoothly as newer devices due to the hardware though, but I can't test that.

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    The iOS device is not the limiting factor, it is the iOS version: Clash requires iOS 9 or higher to be played.

    Make sure your desired device can run iOS9 and you will be fine, albeit slow if an iPad3 is many years old (not sure what year it came out). Also, iOS9 is required for about a year-and-half, so soon the minimum may switch to iOS10. I run Clash on an iPadMini2 limited to iOS9 without difficulties, but some aspects are extremely slow (chat, opening windows, etc).

    Edit: sniped by WD

    2nd edit: Also, take note that the ‘current’ version of iOS is 12, and iOS13 is expected out soon, as well as PadOS expected also. With extended differences of versions, developers may not support very old version. There was some drastic changes from iOS9 to 10, and surely expected from iOS12 to PadOS.

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    It’s not a good idea using a device that old, the OS will not get updated so you won’t receive security updates. Essentially if a device drops out of support you should really consider replacing it. I understand that people can’t always afford to do this but if your information gets compromised you could end up substantially worse off.
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