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Thread: TH 12 looking for a new clan, Level 12+

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    Apr 2017
    LEVEL 14 Clan in Crystal I Clan League Recruiting TH12 and TH11
    DA Boat Racers #QYOO89UP 😎 AboutUs 😎
    -Members are international, but mostly based in USA, England, Australia, and India. (ENGLISH Speaking Clan)
    -We love to goof off & have fun, but we are also serious about war. We like to WIN.
    -We value giving & receiving feedback so we can all stay at the top of our game.
    -We consist of mainly adults and only commicate in English.
    -We war always and in monthly Clan League War -We have a Discord channel all our mates are on so we can do clan bussiness there and keep the game fun with a organized clan.The link to join our Discord is in our Clan decription.
    -Promations are voted on by our Co Leaders and Leader after every CLW (Clan League War) Promations are earned so do not ask or expect promations right away. It will come after you prove you are a dependable, trustworthy loyal clan mate. Its a process we take seriously so dont try to rush the system. -Our CLW are 30 on 30 to give everyone a chance when we can to fit everyone into at least a few of the 7 day rounds. If you are a TH11 or TH12 you will be in all 7 rounds. We mainly use TH10 and higner but when we can we will fill in any TH9 or lower if they proved they are strong attackers. The most important rule in CLW is all attacks are used every round, no excuse. If you are unavailable for a round just Opt Out. If you are Opt In and are put in the round, no excuses, use your attack or you are out. It is the reponsiblity of individual mates to check the daily roster to see if you are in that round.
    - We always Max Reward in the monthly Clan Game Challenge. We ask everyone to do tasks in the challenges while they are doing their daily star bonus.
    Join us to .....
    ❤- in Clan Games everytime.
    ❤ - To help in Regular and League Wars. ❤ - Join to have Fun, Get Stronger, Chat, and Give and Receive DONATIONS ❤ - We want loyal, dependable, helpful, teamplayer mates to join our Clan!

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    Sep 2016
    3 Star specialist CWL and CG crushers looking for Th11 and above.
    Elysium of wars (#LCRVPQRV)
    Established in 2016, by innovative war passionates (currently 40 members). Now Level 14 Clan and Master league 1! Highest Win Streak was 30 in 2019 (TH12 and all)! Best recent win streak was 10 on 01 05 2019! We were first in last CWL (7 in 7 victories)
    Originally, Elysisum of wars' origins go back to a couple of 3 star fanatics from the Netherlands. Overtime we have grown to include members from all over the world, including America, UK, EU mainland and Asia.

    Elysium is all about the joy of finding new ways to 3 star the same level max town halls! We delight in creativity in excellence!

    We are mostly made up of relaxed adult players, some students going to through the woe of college and others with jobs and family life to balance around this fantastic game. Our age group covers 16-50+!
    We currently war everyday but participation is never forced upon you.
    We do respect the 'Opt-out' option, and are a Fair Play Clan.

    Our only demands as a clan are :-
    Must be able to speak English (for war and requests). Conversing with local friends is allowed reasonable freedom.
    Mature, respectful and friendly to all.
    Active donations.
    If you COMMIT to war, you FULFIL your attacks.
    Hero levels are reasonable for your base progression.
    HAVE FUN especially with friendly challenges and having free coaches for your war strats.

    What you will find within Elysium of wars :-
    Lovely international mix of genuine fun loving people =)
    Encouragement and Loyalty. Guidance to 3 starring max th your same level with ease is always available upon request.
    We believe that all players should enjoy the game above all else. The only way to improve, is through enjoyment, and therefore the willingness to get better. That includes encouraging 3 star attack strategies.
    A desire to win wars and draw long green lines!

    What you won't find within Elysium of wars :-
    Ego's and empty promises.
    Huge pressure to 3 star on all your war attacks, or else you are out! We will guide you.
    Childish behaviour. Warriors, not kids.
    Facebook chat. We have jobs and families, and while we like to be in touch, there's a realistic line!

    Elysium of wars has a streak of 90% wins, and there's a reason for that. We are not a here today, gone tomorrow clan.

    Re : Clan Games. Thus far, we have completed every Clan Games and achieved the maximum reward tiers!

    If our clan sounds like the kind of atmosphere you would enjoy, then please see details in my signature below. A warm friendly welcome is guaranteed! Contact us in game with the password "SENT BY ATA" or PM me.

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