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Thread: Legend League Timer is Bugged

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    Legend League Timer is Bugged

    I have 2 accounts in legend league.

    It was about 12:50 am eastern time. League day resets at 1 am for me.

    On account 1, it said I only had about 6 minutes left to attack. My BK needed 10 minutes to heal. I attack anyway without him. After I attacked for 3:30 minutes, the timer said the legend league ended in 7 minutes and some seconds meaning I could have had the BK.

    How did all of a sudden the timer just add time to itself? And if it was just correcting for the time discrepancy to 1 am, It's buggy to give you the incorrect time left to attack.

    Anyways, I switched to account 2 when account 1 had 6 minutes left after it added time. Account 2 says the league day was ending in 20 seconds. It was only 12:55 am. It didn't add any time for the discrepancy and attacks were locked out. I switch back to account 1 and the timer was still going.

    Something is buggy.
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