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Thread: How can I delete my clan?

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    How can I delete my clan?

    I'm the only one in the clan I made. I dont want the clan. When I try to leave, I get an error, telling me I have to make someone else the leader before I can leave. There are no other members for me to transfer leadership to. What now?

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    Kick everyone and then leave is supposed to work though.

    If it is just you and no one else and this doesn't work, invite someone, make him leader, then leave.
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    Kick everyone and leave, this should delete the clan. Maybe you're unable to delete it due to some glitches, log out for some time and try to leave again.

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    Create a new account. Invite it into the clan and promote it to leader and leave. Abandon new account. Problem solved

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    i startet a clan and everything works fine. it just asked me if i really want to leave. maybe you restart your device. or do the other step → create a mini and promote him.

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