Hey folks! It's been a hot minute since my last post but i'm back with a sticky situation for y'all!

So our clan is an upper tier "casual" clan as you might say (we don't participate in player run leagues but we often match and beat league clans). We've been doing alright over the last couple wars working the streak up to double digits and maybe it got to our heads because the leader decided to spin us in to the 30v30 danger zone. Lo and behold we managed to hook ourselves a very impressive looking 45 win streak clan.

Now we've been through this rodeo before, snapped a few streaks had ours snapped; the whole 9 yards. However, here is where things get a little murky. They send over one of their former members attempting to join inconspicuously but we back check him and reject obviously. Couple minutes later he has found his way into our enemies from 2 wars ago. Now this isn't the first time a clan has spied and it won't be the last so we just go about changing our bases and revamp the whole field. All is good right? Wrong.

One of our more savvy co-leaders starts looking through their YouTube channel, clan history, member history...etc. and he finds that a lot of them have long time affiliations with the open mod community. Next we find a TH3 in their clan, brand new, looking like the perfect little burner. So at this point we've got a means, motive, opportunity and history on ours hands. We send a little message to support asking if they can maybe monitor these guys over the next 24h just in case something fishy goes down.

Support gives the usual "I'm not saying we won't but we won't" type response. Now we're going to go in as hard as we can on these boys and hopefully light them up all the way back to Azerbaijan. But if they're up to what we think it may not matter.

So I ask y'all, what would you do in this situation? Has anyone else been seeing a similar resurgence in the shadows of clash?

Any opinion or answer is welcomed, no matter how patronizing!