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Thread: QoL: Menus

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    QoL: Menus

    You may notice the menus in the game have been the same... Since the games release since 2012. Here are three new menus I drew. (Keep in mind this is relative to a tablet, not a phone.)

    1. Defenses

    This is a picture of a level 3 archer tower.
    You can notice that the Damage per Second bar and the Hit points bar remain the same, but there are new things too.
    1. The "Targets" stat now has an icon, and shows that it attacks "Air & Ground."
    2. The "Range" stat was also given an icon, this time telling you the range is "9 Tiles."
    3. The Actions icon is now the only icon that shows up when you tap the Archer Tower. This will open the menu you see above it.
    4. There are 3 upgrade buttons. The one with a clock, normal hammer, and a gold coin is the upgrade you have to wait for, and cost gold. The one with a Book of Building and gold coin is to pay, but remove the timer with the book. Then the one with the Hammer of Building instantly upgrades the building without cost. (If you cannot afford the gold price, then the button will be replaced with a gem icon.)
    5. The gear up icon remains the same, just moved into the menu.

    2. Walls

    This is the new "Info" tab for the Level 3 wall. You may notice the buttons are still outside. Here is a brief explanation of this picture.
    1. The info icon opens this menu. It shows the current level of wall along with the current health on the left, while on the right it shows the next level of wall with the current health versus the next level's health. When walls reach max level, the next level wall will not show up, instead showing a red section stating "Your walls cannot be upgraded any further."
    2. The upgrade button now instantly upgrades the wall piece, rather than opening a menu. If you cannot afford the upgrade, this will be replaced with a gem icon.
    3. Multi upgrade let's you enter this special UI where you select specifically which walls you want to upgrade, which is an improvement from the "upgrade row" option. You cannot select a wall in multi upgrade if you cannot afford to upgrade it.
    The last button is the Wall ring, which remains the same.

    3. Clan Castle

    This is a level 5 clan castle. Let's start at the left, then move to the right, then explain the tabs.
    1. There are the same three upgrade buttons from the archer tower, upgrade, upgrade with book, and upgrade with hammer, except they are grayed out because the player may either still be TH 9, or they cannot afford the upgrade.
    2. The Guard and Sleep button serves the same purpose as it currently does, just it is now in a menu.
    3. The request button serves the same purpose as it currently does, except now it is in a menu, and there is a potion sillouette too.
    4. The Clan Troops, Spells, and Siege machines (locked until level 6) now show up next to the request button, so you can see what you currently have the same time you make your request.
    5. The Hit points bar remains the same.
    6. The Range stat also remains the same, with the new bow.
    7. On the right, you can make a request message (this one asking for Golems and Freeze), where you can select what spells and troops to recommend others to donate (this will just be a suggestion, the donor can still bypass this and donate something else.)
    You can see the player choosing what troop to suggest, with PEKKA, Baby Dragon, and Miner (you don't have to tell me it looks nothing like a miner OK?) visible, Along with a poison spell selected.
    8. The Actions button is again the only icon visible when you touch the Clan Castle, opening the menu.
    9. The Tab "My Clan" remains the same. The "Info" tab is currently selected. The "Recruitment" tab is for the new recruitment system after global is killed. The "Clans" tab remains the same, along with the "Bookmarks" tab.

    This is an updated thread, please tell me what you think.

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    Not everyone plays on a tablet/iPad. This would be way too much informations on 1 single page, especially the clan castle menu.

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    I play on a phone, and everything is a bit smaller, but that goes for everything else in the game too. It would work like every other button in the game.

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