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Thread: Fishing Lake needs a reoccurring prize award.

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    Fishing Lake needs a reoccurring prize award.

    On the farm we get timed appearances of mystery boxes popping up.
    In Town we get timed floating prize chests appearing in the ocean.
    In the fishing lake there is only seasonal bonus prizes occurring, such as ghosts that give a prize if you tap on it. I think there is or was some other some other seasonal pop up award appearing, perhaps during Christmas season, a gift box.

    Why not have some things appearing all year round. For example...
    Something floating down the running stream, or down from the water fall into the lake. If you tap on it before it sinks out of site you get a prize.
    Or how about a gator suddenly sticks it head out of the lake, you tap on it before it sinks back under you get a prize.
    Another could be some guru zipping across the lake in a bass boat, if you tap on him before it disappears you get a prize.
    Another surprise element could be a frog appearing on land. Wen you tap on it, it jumps into the water and a prize appears.

    Prizes could be a BEM, SEM, or even a special fishing lure, or lobster, duck trap.

    I think this would liven up the fishing area a bit.
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    I especially like the idea of a floating prize.
    YES , I know we can cast out mystery nets and get some really cool stuff but most of the Hay Day community don't want to waste their hard earned diamonds on a chance at something cool.
    Giving them some random chance at a prize in the fishing area might actually increase the number of people fishing. I know most of my neighbors don't fish unless it is an event or a mystery task.
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