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Thread: Town Hall Menu

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    Town Hall Menu

    In the Town hall menu, at both top and bottom ends of a visitor listing there is a special feature that is programmed into it. When scrolling a list of visitors, just before reaching either top or bottom the lists jumps to that very end even if my finger is holding the scrolling. I can not imagine any reason why that was made that way.

    I find it quite irritating as it makes me lose my count when I am counting my visitors for various purposes.
    When it jerks away like that, all I see is a blur and do not know which visitor was the last counted.

    I suppose someone found humor in sticking that in there but the joke is old. Can SC please remove it now?
    There is no way a player can prevent it from occurring.

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    Yes please remove this. It bothers me as well.

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    Until it is removed - if it is removed - I solve the problem by remembering the name of the last visitor I counted. In fact I count in fives which is the maximum number of visitors shown in the panel at one time, and then remember the name of the fifth each time so that when the screen jumps, I just start from, for example, “Alicia” to get my last count.

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