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Thread: QoL feature request: Make Siege Machines and Heroes consistent

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    QoL feature request: Make Siege Machines and Heroes consistent

    Both, siege Machines and Heroes are distinct from troops in the sense they are unique: you can have at most one on the field per attack. Also, for both, unlike all troops, you can still influence their behavior after deploying: You can trigger e hero ability, and you can unpack a siege machine. The latter is the reason, that they are not grayed out from your troop bar after deployment, but still appear "active". Also, this makes it important to keep an eye on whether your siege machine or hero is dying: You almost certainly want to trigger the ability before the hero dies (even if this is earlier than you anticipated) and you might want to make sure that a siege machine gets at least this far before it dies and unpacks.

    As said before, siege machines and heroes already have in common that their "avatars" in the troop bar are not grayed out when deployed, but stay active (because you still can trigger them). I suggest to make the two more consistent by
    a) adding a life bar to the "avatar" of siege machines, s.t. you see whether your machine is about to die. There have been many attacks where a SM dies, I did not see it because it was in the middle of a pack of troops, and I would have happily sacrificed a freeze spell or a GW ability to protect it. I just didn't recognize, whereas I usually have an eye on my heroes life bars and rarely miss them going low on hit points.

    b) Enlarge the SM avatar after deployment, just like the heroes. I am aware that the siege machine already has the "unpack" arrow on it. That's why I say make it consistent. The fact that it is different for heroes and siege machines how to tell whether you already deployed them, or fat-finger-missed the deployment has made me erroneously unpack my siege machine a couple of times.

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    Pretty good ideas. I support both of these. Should be in the Ideas & Feature Requests though.

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    I agree with you! 👍

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    Sounds good!

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    This is a good idea.

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    Making Cannon suffer
    Actually they are great. Both are needed. Upvoted!

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    No wonder there are so many Archers, the Queen spends most of her time on her back.
    Great ideas

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    Sounds good!

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    Solid suggestion

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