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Thread: How to fix a rushed base?

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    How to fix a rushed base?

    I have a rushed base (th12) with low level heroes. How can I fix it?
    Anyone have any tips for it.

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    Play the game, farm resources, do events, clan games and such and get things done ...

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    Max your barch and farm with it. Drop to crystal and farm dead bases. I usually attack bases with at least 300k in gold and elixir available

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    Drop trophies
    raid in session
    pick dark or purple to go after not both at same time
    max a farming army
    drop a hero whenever you can
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    There are these clans called FWA clans finding one can be difficult, Best bet find a discord page for one of them and apply, In these clans war is constant and you basically get free loot. And just slowly improve your base over time and don't get discouraged. it used to be really rushed and I slowly upgrade item after item.

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    or you could ask me as im one of the co's for an fwa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandeep3054 View Post
    I have a rushed base (th12) with low level heroes. How can I fix it?
    Anyone have any tips for it.
    Farm in crystal league <Use either Miner or Loonion>
    Concentrate on upgrading heroes first
    make sure you have maxed your farming troops <Get your offense troops maxed>
    lvl up your defenses one by one for example get all your archer tower to lvl 10 then to 11, same for other defenses
    assuming you have 5 builders , 2 builder concentrating on heroes and 3 on defenses
    concentrate on walls(least priority) at the last / you can dump extra loon on walls before upgrading hero/defense

    Take part in Troop event/Seasonal challenges/Clan games/CWL -> rewards you get from them will help you progress faster

    you can read this too -- > here
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    All of the above in addition to the purchase of gold pass.

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    There’s no easy way. Besides buying gems. It’ll take a long time, the best fix to a rushed base is to not let it get rushed in the first place.

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    honestly depends on the severity of the rush. if you have good troops for TH12 then you can just farm your tukus off every day. (win or lose farming is farming)

    I disagree with the 'drop trophies' mentality IF your troops are decent for TH12. if not then you may not have a choice and it will be good/valid advice. But IME, T3 is a great farming spot for TH12s because of the daily star bonus and the win bonus eps. if you can get that 70% for a full payout. even getting 50-60% is good when you can farm in volume. the opponents (mostly TH12s) are at various stages of growth as well, so you should be able to find some good targets to loot.

    also if you are able to purchase the gold pass, the reduction in Lab training times and builders is a HUGE asset. not to mention the season bank if you can farm enough to fill it by seasons end.

    but in a nutshell, you need to farm A LOT and it will fix itself. take advantage of all the events that you can, and do your part in Clan Games those are basically rewards for being an active clasher. being active on that acct will fix it, no shortcuts. there are Books and events rewards are the in game 'shortcuts' take advantage of them and they will help you out.

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