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Thread: ice golem pekka as a defending cc in legends?

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    ice golem pekka as a defending cc in legends?

    Why do people use ice golem and pekka as a defending CC in legends? I'm not quite seeing the benefit. You would assume it is because they are new to legends and don't have anything else to set their CC with, but this is clearly not the case beyond low legends

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    what i believe that is the most common cc troops requested for attacks is pekka and icegolem, and once you enter legend league system will take a snapshot of your cc and base layout, and even if you change the layout or cc troops it takes
    24 hours time to reflect the change, hence they have pekka and icegolem in cc...
    or maybe
    Many are lazy to change their defensive cc troops

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    You pretty much need to request defensive cc before signing up for league play. If not you’ll have whatever’s in your cc once you place, until you request defensive cc and change it.

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    I think the best is 3 witches when you use anti 2star base .. if you use anti 3star, I think you must have 2 dragons or dragon ice 5 arc or lava 10 archers
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    The Water Seems Safe
    It is pretty good at crushing a queen walk sometimes.
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    It's probably a unit that's supported for use as an attack, rather than using an ice golem + pekka as a defense.
    Supported unit used for "Pekka + Bowler + Bat spell".
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