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Thread: Lv 166 looking for a hood

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    Lv 166 looking for a hood

    Hi I am at lv 166 and self sufficient. I am looking for a hood that completes the derby with maximum points. I love my lil people in the town so I need a hood that either serves their townies or sends them away.
    If you think I would be a good fit within your team, then drop me a message

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    HD Addicts Army looking for a few serious players.

    Hi There. Just a little bit about us:

    We are a group of HD addicts that love to derby. Our favorite is Blossom Derby because we will climb the leaderboard at lightning speed. It will also allow us to show our exceptional teamwork and communication skills. We strive for Gold and 3-Line Bingo. We currently have 171 Gold Cups and seeking for more.

    We are helpful, friendly, and self-sufficient bunch. Many of us have babies to support our main farms and help supply visitors for our towns.

    We are well represented across the globe. You can be sure the task board is always updated throughout the day.

    We believe in ruling by committee. You will be given “Elder” status immediately upon joining. If you decide to stay and are a right fit with our hood, you will be promoted to “Co-leader”. Your voice and opinions are always going to matter.

    We facilitate trades within the hood and on trading sites. Trade a way your excess for stuff you need.

    Leader will also help with added bonuses for all derby participants. We want to help you grow and expand.

    We have very few simple rules:

    • One, we ask that if you opt into derby, then you must complete 10/19 max tasks 320/400. We understand that real life gets hectic now and then so feel free to opt out anytime

    • Two, please respect everyone in the hood. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    • Finally, please don’t raid the shops unless the owner has specified “Sale”. This is to allow trades to go thru smoothly.

    You will not find another relaxing, drama free, and yet highly competitive hood.

    If you are looking for a hood, and if HD Addicts Army sounds like a place you want to be, send me a text with your tag and I will invite you. We have a couple spots left that just might be your forever home.

    Happy Farming!!!

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    Message sent
    Pip,Leader,'Derby Respite Home' Purple Fox Yellow background.#2GUQ9C00
    Farm Level 176 Town 56 and complete.
    A Great Adult Racing Team

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    Washington, USA

    Home Sweet Home your home away from home

    320/400 all tasks must be completed
    International English Speaking
    Read chat and use chat
    join us in Train Station and Valley
    fun, friendly helpers and traders!
    Under new leadership we can place in derby get triple bingo and survive power bingos together
    come give us a try
    tag 99 LC22Q2 Home Sweet Home

    thanks for your consideration,
    WindyAutumn Acres
    new leader

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    Check Us Out

    Hello! We are a four person hood and two of us have small farms to assist. We are looking for a couple of more people that play at our level. Not too fast, not too slow, kinda in the middle. We are derby focused and usually finish in 3-4 days which usually earns us a trophy. Any color will do but of course gold is best. We do 320/400 tasks and all 10/19 tasks. If we see the trophy is out of reach we skip the extra task to save diamonds. We fill requests and help as best we can. We use the chat box but not too much. And accident forgiveness. Check us out. And if you want too play with us a week or so, visitors are welcome. "OUR HOME - THE EARTH" , tag #89JQGYRU

    P.S. We are pretty active with our towns and work them hard during the derby. I like to dump all 42 in my small farm on the first day of the derby so they are available if needed. We are most active during the derby but are on daily. Opting out when needed is good.
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    Are YOU in it to WIN it??
    We need the best of the best!!
    CHAMPION LEAGUE since January 2018
    ❤️We are in it to win it ❤️

    *****FAST PACED HOOD*****
    - we are done same day or the next -
    ☄️!! 71 Golds and counting !!☄️
    320/400 x 10 required
    This hood has no drama .. adults only.
    - Can use diamonds to speed up task.
    -we prep/stack machines
    -we do speed task; we do NOT reserve task-
    **if you don’t complete task, you will get kicked out **
    -blossom derby.. we have certain task we do.
    -bingo derby.. we don’t bingo.. the rewards do not outweigh placing second.
    *********Elder upon joining***********
    There are about 5-8 in derby in each week, who are the best!
    Required level 80 and English speaking. Players range from level to 219-85. We do have baby farms but they do not derby. Only there for supplies.
    My KIK is Locolan43
    Hood name is Mystic Hills sanctuary
    Tag# P09PP90Y

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    Hi LV 166,
    a pictures worth a thousand words.....we’d love to have you visit our hood, let’s say on vacation. If you love it like we do.....please stay...if not, at least you make 5 new hay day friends.

    hope to meet you
    Carpe Diem Derby

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    Hi, please check out my recruitment thread for Frog’s Lily Pad. If we might be what you’re looking for, please message me. Best of luck!

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    [Sept 22, 2019

    A little info about our hood

    We are known as "ALMOST A HOOD" English Speaking

    LEVEL 83 plus! 320/400 point derby tasks! TAG#PLY8P099
    Gold -21, Silver-15, Bronze-4
    We are committed to completing an extra task for all derbies.

    We support all Farmers in our hood to upgrade silo, barn, personal town train and the express train, including your visitors to all buildings.


    Upbeat, helpful, entertaining on weekends!

    Give it a go, come on over!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojo1001 View Post
    Hi I am at lv 166 and self sufficient. I am looking for a hood that completes the derby with maximum points. I love my lil people in the town so I need a hood that either serves their townies or sends them away.
    If you think I would be a good fit within your team, then drop me a message
    Hi Mojo,
    experienced winning hood here with 180+ golds. Not withstanding the occasional inevitable mistake, we complete all tasks at max points. We are all about teamwork, we have great strategies for every type of derby, and with an almost full hood of active players, turnover of townies is constant.
    the link to my recruiting add is in my signature below. Have a read and drop me a PM to have a chat if you’re interested.
    Steve: Hayday Leader JT Legend #J2JOLG2. 150+ golds “Team first, my barn is your barn”
    recruitment ad
    CoC coleader Fat Kitty Stars #28Q99R2P9 active clan, learning together and having fun

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