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Thread: Need help on Th10 attack strategy

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    Need help on Th10 attack strategy

    So im a Th10 without a clan. Due to clans having to many demands. So my question... What is the best attack strategy for a TH10 to 3 star another TH10 without seige machines?? Because at th10 seige machines are donated.. also What would be the best army to build in this situation??? Any info greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    It can be done with 6 wall breakers, 12 giants, 10 bowlers, 9 witches, heroes, 2 rage, 2 heal, 1 freeze, 1 jump. Can swap 1 heal for 2 freeze. It’s not guaranteed, and you need to get the right base layout (both infernos in the same section) and then it works ok.
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    Have you tried Killsquad hogs

    Entry -
    Goal - to take down queen + cc + inferno(bonus)
    2 golems 10 wiz + heroes

    once you know the funnel has been made and you have achieved above mentioned goals
    deploy hogs

    1 rage and 1 poison , rest heals

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    I'd like info on your heroes and troops.

    3 starring with no Clan Castle is gonna be really depending on the enemy base, but if you can bring at least troops in the CC, Queen Charge + LaLoon is the most versatile strategy(specially since Hogs got nerfed).

    It's not a simple attack, but it's strong enough to beat most TH10 bases, and it's specially strong against symmetric bases.

    Air attacks and Queen Charge + Miners(if you want terrestrial attacks) are the way to go(because if you don't have a wall wrecker, breaking walls and jump spells are gonna cost a bit).

    I personally like this tutorial:

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