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Thread: A Clash of Clans Story

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    A Clash of Clans Story

    Once upon a time, there was a village. All they built was a castle, a cannon, and a town hall. Unfortunately, nobody knew how to build a castle, so it died. Then, somebody said "Build a tower." So they did, then forced archers on top. Then someone decided "we are poor" so they built a gold mine and elixir collector. Then someone else said "oops I spilled my coffee on the floor in the town hall" so they upgraded the town hall, solving the problem. Then people thought "oh our town hall is bigger now suddenly we are more intelligent" so they built another tower and a cannon, then someone said "WE WILL BUILD A GREAT WALL." So they built 25 wooden walls. Then someone said "our towers are bad" so they were upgraded, losing their self esteem. Then they said the same thing to the cannons, making them also lose their self esteem. Then someone somehow stuffed the storages with 10000 gold, repairing the clan castle.

    Part 2 coming soon!
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    The stories are back?

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