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    Surprised Ajax didn't close this thread....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilnacho View Post
    There is clearly some people who know how to hack this game and increase the damage that their defences can do, this is blatantly obvious the higher you climb up the ranks, 2 bases both identical, 1 I get 100% against and the other I get 35% against and the attacks where also identical but in the 35% my troops were obliterated before they even got past the walls!! There is something very very fishy going on in this game. Is there a reason why we cant report players easily ingame? There is many accounts that seriously need looking into as they are clearly hacking in some way.
    Simply changing mines and mega mines from air to ground can dramatically change the outcome of an air or ground based attack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    If they could implement a family clan feature, allowing movement between2 clans without the leave and get accepted system.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We WOULD like to create some kind of "social network" to provide support systems to Clan families. It's been something on the discussion table before, but hasn't really moved beyond that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnyxDS View Post
    Videos would help.

    But also: they didn't hack you. What you see when attacking is calculated on your device, which sends deployment info to the server which also works out the result based on the troop drops and the two need to match. To hack the troop behaviour they would need to hack both SC's server AND your device. That's not plausible.
    So thatís how the game works

    Nice to know

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    Obviously Crackers!
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    If they do in fact hack, visit them again. If they don’t exist anymore, then they do hack and they’ve been banned for life. If not, it’s traps, Tesla’s, cc troops, heroes, spell deployment. Literally anything I don’t do well

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIZmarkIE View Post
    Surprised Ajax didn't close this thread....
    Why would he?
    The thread title may suggest something sinister..
    But to be fair to him, he is just mistaken.

    And when you have guys like Onyx willing to give an informed answer, it is educational to both the OP, and anyone else that takes the time to read the threads.. It is the stuff people come to the forums for.

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    Youíre experiencing whatís called he butterfly effect. Iíve had times where Iíve hit the same base in FC and have gotten two completely different results. Itís annoying but something we all have to deal with.

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