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Thread: Farminí Friends looking for members #PQPGJPOP

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    Farminí Friends looking for members #PQPGJPOP

    Hello! Farminí Friends is a new group. We aim to be an active, friendly group who frequently help each other in the game. I would like the chat to be active, so it would be helpful to be an active player who speaks English. I am in the USA central time zone and prefer members to be in nearby time zones so we can be active around the same times. We casually participate in the derby, but with potential to participate more aggressively as the neighborhood grows. Prefer members to be 17 or older. I am married, I am a mom, and I am in my 20s. I donít want to be communicating with minors in the chat. If this sounds like the neighborhood for you, I hope to meet you there soon!

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    Bump, bump, bump!😊

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