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Thread: You're losing me, Supercell.

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    I took a long break from this game. Just came back since March and I love it!

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    I've got 175 walls left to go and am excited to most likely be maxed for the first time ever before th13 is released. Playing since 2014 I could have likely maxed much sooner. It seems every time I got close I just started a new account. I have three th12's, I'm never without something to do. Since Legend League was revamped and Otto was announced I haven't had any time for accounts 4-7 lately.
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    If they could implement a family clan feature, allowing movement between2 clans without the leave and get accepted system.
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    We WOULD like to create some kind of "social network" to provide support systems to Clan families. It's been something on the discussion table before, but hasn't really moved beyond that.

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    Some people seem to think that leveling your base is the point of the game and this is where they find themselves. If thatís the case you should know full well that thereís a finish line at some point and Iíd ask why you bothered in the first place.

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    OP, I understand what you’re saying, I too have been playing for 6yrs and have found myself drifting........ in my case it’s not entirely about content being added, but more of issues of the game play itself.

    I’m holding out for change.......
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    2 months shy of playing for 6 years, TH12 56-51-22.

    I'd certainly consider taking a break, or perhaps starting another account?
    I really enjoy playing my 2nd Account, a big TH11 (50-49-16), I find it a lot more fun than my early/mid TH12.
    I also began a 3rd account earlier this year, which is an early TH9 (12-11) now, also lots of fun now I've started AQ walking with my puny level 11 Queen!

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    Enjoy why you can. I have been maxed for 6 months also, but with four accounts , I always have something to do. Not thinking of leaving anytime soon but a break could be on the cards.

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    I’ve been Maxed TH12 for a Few Weeks now but I’m just concentrating on Learning New Attacks before Supercell introduce something New.

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    Aren't you happy that Supercell is a game manufacturer that focuses on the masses to make revenue instead of the individual? Such as yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barathor View Post
    I'm finally maxed-out, and I'm only a casual player. (My builder base is getting close to max too.)
    Maybe that's something you could work on now that you are maxed.

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    I know the struggle. Sometimes taking a break for a day or 2 isn't bad to get a reset on things and feel the itch to play again. I'm maxed out myself and occasionally get that feeling. But I do have a suggestion: maybe change clans. Assuming that you don't have too many times to your old clan, you can find one that does out-of-game events to keep your interest high. Myself, I kept my mini in my old clan and joined an RCS clan (Reddit clan system). I've loved every minute there. They do a ton of extra events, some official some run by themselves. But these events have kept my interest just as high as it was when I was in the process of upgrading. Otherwise, a short break is never a terrible thing.

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