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    Locked account

    Supercell locked my account for asking to change the email and are now saying I'm not the owner when i answerd the questions correctly but I can't get receipts because they are mixed up with another email. Idk what to do the just close the conversation when I try to get help

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    I have no idea which game you're playing since you've posted this in the wrong sub-forum. However, by asking to change the account ownership, Supercell must verify that you are, in fact, the correct account owner. Only Supercell support can lock your account and only Supercell support can unlock your account. They also are the only ones to determine whether or not you have sufficiently proven ownership. It sounds like you didn't. However, you'll have to discuss it with Supercell support. This is the players' forum. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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