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    Quote Originally Posted by Pureskills View Post
    intresting so you think there going to make money with doing what they’ve done? Global wasn’t the problem the kids was the problem and there was many ways that could have been fixed and atleast tried before closing it down. And global was there for years with no issues worth losing sleep over and it helped all of us find clans or players. Now we have that magic tool that erm works amazing so good no one can recruit, maybe put that down your toilet not the global chat.
    p.s people should not have to resort to redit and Facebook and other 3rd party things that most players are not aware of or would even know where to go. There was a lot of idiots in global but that did not mean they all was, and don’t tell me redit isn’t full of just as much childish behaviour as global was. I’d rather have my child in a game chat not going off to redit and seeing where they end up from there.
    If the problem was morons being morons, global would still be here. Sexual predation and threats of violence have to be followed up on in cooperation with law enforcement. Then throw in governments wanting full access to chat records. If I remember correctly, Vietnam wanted full logs and truly identifiable information. Given the current climate, I wouldnt be surprised to see that supercel is ahead of the trend. Weve had the wild wild west and it was abused in so many ways. Now legit gameswill be the equivalent of Disney pixies game chat.
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    I believe that machine learning can give good results in the long run.
    I saw improvements in the war matching. Even though our line up frequently outmatched, we have a fair chance to win each time.

    I worry that the recruitment system will suggest clans similar to the clans we visited, preventing us to experience totally different type clan that could interest us too. We may be placed in a box and it might be hard to get out.
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    They killed clash of clans with this. Global was one of the main reasons i went on clash daily. Now its just.....boring.

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    Interviewing a player is still the best way to find a new one..this update gives more bad effect than its good effect..

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    An interviee is the best way to find members..notice how the member invites reduced after sunsetting global..even friendly global we can easily attract members for fc, for quick donation when you are playing alone. Id rather sleep done playing alone now, coz i have no one to talk to..its hard to search member with the same nationality and likes. Bring this back, just ban the reported members for the bad behavior
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bbeehhaappyy View Post
    Maybe they remove global for this reason? >

    Ppl chat and wait upgrade time.

    Now ppl can't chat, don't have what to do and it motivate spend gems?
    Just the opposite my friend. They’ve motivated me to close the game and go play something else while my army is cooking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THNSUM View Post
    I just don’t get all the angst about them closing the public toilet err..... global chat. In addition to the recruitment tool there are dedicated places (reddit, Facebook, this forum, etc) that can be used to recruit. None of the other games SC has made have global chat features yet my NH has people in it. All the other NH’s, clans whatever in the other games manage just fine without a global chat feature. I honestly think most of the anger comes from people who can’t regulate their behavior on a forum like this and needed that outlet for their ugliness...
    I'm also trying to understand the burning anger rising from the ashes of global chat so thank you for sharing the above insight. Like you, I also play Hay Day and thank goodness there's no global chat in it. Without it, casual players were able to find each other and join a chillaxed neighborhood while hardcore, enthusiastic derbyists join other neighborhoods to compete with each other.

    I'd like to thank the active and vigilant forum moderators aka The Mod Squad for enforcing the forum rules and preventing this official channel from transforming into the chaotic global chat. That the Supercell forums remain a civilized place for discussion is a tribute to your hard work. So I give you three cheers!

    October 18, 2019

    P.S. I find the thread below very useful because it answers some of our frequently asked questions about the forum rules.
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    What the hell?
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    Still no issues being global removed everything is going perfectly normal in our clan but confused about recruiting player most of req r from Chinese and have to reject them probably will take time to understand how exactly recruiting system works

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    I totally understand the thought behind the change of global was becoming an issue with grooming and anti social behaviour then that needs to be eliminated

    With what happened in Vietnam it probably got to a point where it had to be addressed

    My issue is the system that was designed to replace it was very poorly planned.. and badly executed. It has missed the goal posts by as far as anything I have ever seen introduced to clash in my 5 years of playing. I donít see a solution with this system it appears so badly flawed in design. It is going to hurt the game experience significantly in this current state

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    Global chat allowed user like myself to talk to different people across the world.

    It was good because it allow me to learn different cultures.

    It allow me to talk to different people and share different ideas how to play this game and learn lot from it.

    At lease there should be a friend chat and where you can talk to different people.

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