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    I got so many players from global in the past, I can’t make this work though. I opted out of war, will give some thought to cutting back my playing time after 5 years. Maybe it’s time to quit and read some books.

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    </3 RIP: You will be sorely missed </3

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    Bring back global chat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLEEKYx16 View Post

    All you had to do was log out for 5 seconds and you would get a new global chat with people in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wachichi View Post
    Just thought it may be worth noting that people get to pick for themselves their "tabs". I wonder how many "inexperienced attackers" and "newbies" will say so or think of themselves that way. Seems totally useless all of them will will be "master teachers" ect.. Lol maybe an idea could be to widen the search perameters to include real things like, town hall level hero level even troop level requirements, trophy level, spoken language, location, Oh and hey while your at it WHETHER THEY ARE IN A CLAN!? (since the defualt option is to let people recruit you..) Moving between clans for cwl could be more difficult now rhe way we did it in the past was by invite. Most players will have invite swtched off after this..
    Hits the nail on the head for me. While I admire some of the creative tags they have to add to your profile, there seems to be a large neglect to the way people actually filter their clans particularly age, th level, location, and hero levels. Hope to see some adjustments.

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