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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post

    Hey Clashers,

    We have some very important news we would like to share about the direction the team is taking with regards to social interaction in Clash of Clans.

    In the next update, we are going to be removing the Global Chat channel from the game.

    When we created the Global Chat channel, our goal was to create a central hub of social interaction that engages Clashers from around the world to interact with each other.

    While this was a noble endeavor, unfortunately reality taught us a lesson. Over the years, we found ourselves putting no short amount of resources into policing Global chat with the help of dedicated Support and Anti-Fraud agents as well as implementing spam detection and trying different mechanics to shield players from offensive or inappropriate communications that have no place in Clash of Clans.

    One of the main functions that Global Chat provides is a channel for Clans to find new recruits. This has been one of the main obstacles preventing the Clash team from removing Global Chat; without an improved Clan recruitment tool, Global Chat remained the primary method for players to find a new Clan outside of social media channels or the official forums.

    In the next update, we will be improving the Clan recruitment functionality, making it easier than ever for Clans to find new members and for players to find Clans that best suit their play style.

    In conclusion, while we’re sad to see Global Chat go, we feel we can better dedicate the resources allocated to policing Global Chat towards improving the Clash of Clans experience for our players.

    -The Clash of Clans Team

    First I registered me only for this on this Forum.

    This is the baddest decision I have ever heard since I play Clash of Clans.
    I see this as an opportunity to make the community the chance to get work with supercell together.
    Many games use their players also as a Moderator or Game Sage like in many MMO games. It works if there are clear rules and someone who watches the Moderators. This reduces the ressources Supercell has to use and gives People the opportunity to help the community.
    I mean it is simple:

    Player sends an application (maybe with time and language) as mod you look if he/she is good for it to do the job as an Moderator.
    Then you give them some time to look if they make a good job and then they could stay as Moderator for a while or for ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huaniraj2 View Post
    I know I live in titans. It’s a travesty that nothing was really fixed, and supercell capped attacks at 8 in legends. Not to mention the near 24 hr wait once you reach legends to find your 8 opponents.

    I went straight to 4000 range and am pretty much one more bad update from retiring.
    If you know the titan's clouds were the same before the legends fix then why did you say the fix "moved" the clouds to titans?

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. Click here to see how war map placement of max halls is determined. An idea to improve legends here. I wish max players had a separate loot bank as described here. Caution, I often discuss for the sake of discussion and enjoy having my opinion challenged (or approved of) even when I care little about the actual issue. My balance wish: get rid of tornado trap, make it a decoration.

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    This is probably the first change on the game that although I understand the reasons, it makes me sad.

    I get all the issues, but it's really sad that nowadays we can't have a simple chat among players... because it's too dangerous. I can't believe the internet got to this point.

    I always thought the biggest issue on Boom Beach was the lack of a global chat. Without this interaction the clans (task forces) were never really cool, empty and you couldn't really talk to other players.

    I use the global chat quite a lot, not only to recruit, but to talk about tips, layouts, wars and even donation. I know 90% is spam, but that 10% really makes a big difference on the game. With the new Legend League I'm using less, but it is still a useful feature of the game. When I'm waiting for troops I always check the chat to see what is going on. I guess now I'll close the game and do other stuff.

    Why can't you make the global chat available to TH9 and up? No one will give away a TH9 account just to spam...

    I'm sad to see it going away.

    I always thought this would be soooo cool:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimtar View Post
    What clouds? No clouds in Legends mate. ☀️😎👍
    Titan.. mate...🤦
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    I never went to global while in the clouds. I have never been in long clouds, but then those don't exist any more. Even the first few days of clan games, in Titans, you only get 5 minutes or so.
    That's not true. Frequently 10 mins + per base in titan one, and unlike in old legends, u have to hit next regularly. But for the sake of argument, even if it was only 5 mins per base, hitting next 3 times can lead to 20 mins in the clouds

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    Bad decision to remove global.

    Simply, if SC ID transition had a confirmation by or an warning that by doing this, account can go at wrong hands forever and support can do nothing about it. There could have been an undo button to cancel SC ID if done something wrong.

    Anti-spam? Well, one could paste same text and "clear chat spam" repeatedly by adding/removing one more letter.

    Anti-trading? Is there a way to report someone having offensive base design? Or attempting to steal or trade accounts? Simply no.

    Support is fully automated bots for about 2 years now.

    I would miss about 100 friends I meet almost every week at norsk or even English global. I only were awaiting to see more social features being added to the game.

    There could have been permanent block button on players to prevent seeing each other at chat.

    Could be options to filter(hide from view) all people who says the following repeatedly :
    Free id
    Any gril

    There could have been few levels of global based on maturity ranking (like on forum). People who like to chat decently could lurk together and messy ones could be sent to messy Globals.

    There could have been volunteers from players to help rating player types in the chats.

    But removing global will gradually end interest in this game for a large group.
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    Can’t say it’s not true. Keep a mini in t1 and never have a 10 minute wait. Could be the time of day you play, not sure, but am sure it doesn’t happen to me. Why wouldn’t you have hit next regularly in old legends? Did it constantly before obs, whether farming loot or cups.

    TH13...level 254...75/75/50/ 2 2 bil...hh 45 mil...atb 6032

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilsonatore View Post
    Can’t say it’s not true. Keep a mini in t1 and never have a 10 minute wait. Could be the time of day you play, not sure, but am sure it doesn’t happen to me. Why wouldn’t you have hit next regularly in old legends? Did it constantly before obs, whether farming loot or cups.
    Right now, this time of day, always bad for me, already had a few lengthy waits today. And u very rarely hit next in old legends, u have a wait of anything over 30 mins ur not hitting next.

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    ‘‘Tis is good, but it makes me sad. Coc was the only game with global chat, please don’t remove it

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    This is not good. Global chat was what made coc different from other supercell games

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