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    Phew. To be frank, Global was indeed a whole lot more than Supercell could chew.

    Glad to hear about the recruitment part.
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    Now where will I go to insult complete strangers and question their heritage?
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    The " recruitment" will not be anything even close to global , where you can chat , find out their real location, see their base , find out why there are clanless . I hope they reverse this decision. Global has more to offer than some recruitment thing. My friends list is full of players met in global . It will be a massive loss .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    While I'm sure you would love to glean some explanations, but how we allocate resources is proprietary. Sorry.
    i think supercell is getting greedy, surely theyll be making a killing of the season pass to pay the global police to do their job.....

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    idk if this has been said already or not but...

    I'm thinking it's going to be really simple. maybe 4hey will go all bare bones on us.. like how in cr you can search clans etc. by a straight list and you simply join or not by looking over a list of clans, or you can send a request to join.


    the clan search tool will simply get a few more advanced features and maybe they will have an option that a potential recruit can send a small mail to the clan asking to join and saying a bit about themselves etc. that colanders and leader can read.


    they will let us send a mail to those on our friends list.

    I have been in clans where recruiting was done mainly through global. I have been in clans that used the forum recruitment thread. I have been in clans that used other social media to recruit, like discord.

    I think we are gonna be fine, but like we all just have to get more creative in how we recruit. I will miss global in some ways. found some wonderful clans that way too. met good people that way and it was a nice way to chat if clan chat was quiet and u r waiting on your troops.

    it will most likely be harder on newer clans.

    maybe they will remove wait times on troops?? no need to chat if you can make an instant army right?

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    As a parent who has 2 younger kids playing, its a good thing, I instruct them never to be in global as even with the language filter, its usually just a cesspool.

    As a 6+ yr player, leader of a higher lvl clan - good and bad, depends on what you create as a substitute. I agree with may posts before where we like to talk to our recruits prior to bringing them in and Norsk has been good to us. I do see how its going to be hard for younger or feeder clans to recruit as people will see them on a list showing their stats most likely and will be un interested.

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    So the trolls will have to do their trolling in clan chats now? Well at least the clan hopping trolls can be kicked i guess. Hopefully this new clan recruitment tool will be miles better than the current search function because that thing is abysmal.

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    Yes. I know there's a positive side on the global chat. But on my personal opinion and experience, global is being too toxic lately. With all the scams insults. So i support the decision to remove global chat 👏

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megamatsun View Post
    i think supercell is getting greedy, surely theyll be making a killing of the season pass to pay the global police to do their job.....
    It's a waste of resources that could be better allocated. Global is mostly needed for recruiting anyway. Discussing strategy is better done on other platforms.

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    Here is an idea and perhaps this isn't the thread for this but here it goes anyways. What if global chat was simply replaced by "Friendly Chat" where a player can chat with friends on your friends list only. This solves some of the issues Ive read here since the announcement. Bring on the recruiting tool by all means but leave us a chat option for those of us that rely on it to pass time while clouding or waiting for troops. Perhaps expand the bookmarking and friends list capacity as well to accommodate for this. Thoughts?
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