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    Quote Originally Posted by LBJ1958 View Post
    Ajax calling people stupid as you have done because I pointed out that the company is 83% owned by the Chinese whom have a deep history in the past 36 months of suppressing free speech on the internet is disappointing. Your continued use of the idiot storm quote attacking posters is disappointing from the Finns. I guess they have total say in what happens with 17% of the company. I am deeply sorry for my bad speculation sorry
    That idiot storm quote is part of Ajax's signature and appears in every single thread he replies to. He's not attacking anyone. By default every time he replies to a post that idiot storm quote will appear in his reply unless he turns his signature off. So instead of jumping to conclusions maybe you should take time to figure out how the forum works, because the irony is you're perpetuating that very quote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glimerman008 View Post
    Can the admin not just close the thread because this is going no were global chat is gone it will never come back
    Sounds like a good idea, especially since the topic keeps straying away from talking about the game and headed into political waters. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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