What is Progression War?
Normal War but with a ladder climbing twist.

How it works:

  1. 1v1 clan setup with 10 player vs 10 player for example
  2. War Leader sets war participants in an order of their choice: e.g.
    1. Instead of ranking of base setup by player/ base strength, war leader sets who/ which base is @ 10th spot and 9th etc.

  3. Instead of winning war on stars the attacking order must be setup and win by total % damage
  4. War leader to setup who from his/ her clan can attack first and so on. (After viewing enemy setup, in step 2 above)
  5. To win: The clan with the higher total destroyed % wins.
  6. Stalemate resolution: Clan who used least amount of attacks or troops to destroy enemy bases wins

The twist:

  • Once a player attacks (As per war leader setup) and attack is finished the destroyed buildings stays destroyed, the following member may then use his/ her army to finish.
  • If a base is wiped out (3 starred) and the attacking army has army that survived they can attack next player with remaining troops.
  • This will go on until either all 10 is wiped or all 10 attacks are used.