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Thread: Supercell Automatic Response

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    Supercell Automatic Response

    It really frustrates me when I type a problem in Help And Support supercell automatic response comes and doesn't even let me talk to the staff about the problem and when i clicked others and it said if you have any questions no matter if u click yes or no and type your question it jumps back to the automatic response like it's a loop and i can never get my problems solved. Please make an option to directly talk to the staff or at least don't let it loop over and over. Thanks
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    you can write to them using "contact us" but they not always respond, and they sometimes delete your message that happened to me 3 days ago. I spent time writing, and then i see that there is nothing, empty, it's frustrating.

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    Yeah i know, i have been using contact us button but the auto response always takes over and its really annoying.

    It always stuck inside the loop and never can i get any answers really
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    i guess it is still the unlock code or is it something new?

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