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    Bought Builder Pack and did not receive

    I just bought the Builder Pack for my TH5 in the store for $8.99 NZD and did not receive my builder hut or the 500 gems. When I purchased the pack it said my payment method was declined but I had enough money for it to go through and when I went to the apple store to update my payment method I realised I had to re-enter my CCV, so I did that and accepted the payment, by that time my COC had crashed and I had to re-open the app. I logged back in and was not rewarded with anything but the money had been taken out of my account. After multiple times closing the app and re-opening I still wasnít getting my reward so I purchased an 80 gem pack to see if it would come through when I made another purchase but all I received was the 80 gems. I still want the pack but it says itís going to cost another $9 and iím not prepared to spend any more money on this game if I canít be sure my purchases will even go through.
    Any ideas on what has happened here and what I can do?


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    My guess is the original purchase didn't complete due to the payment problem and the subsequent crash. Try rebooting your devide and re-entering the game. The purchase window may suddenly appear, allowing you to complete the initial purchase. I've had that happen before on my iOS device and the window reappeared after I rebooted.

    If this doesn't work, contact Supercell support in-game. Only they can assist with purchasing issues. Good luck. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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