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Thread: th12 ring bases

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    th12 ring bases

    Anyone using Ring Base in Legend ? How good are they so far (Defence wise) ? I seem to be struggling a lot against them, Specially When Queen starts to act Dumb and ruins 50% of the attack. I'm hovering from 5500-5600 always. Can't get above and I find 2/3 Ring bases all the time.

    How good are they against other attacks ? (Using QC Hogs atm)
    Is it worth to use one and see how things go for not a day but for a week ?th12

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    why dont you switch armies , dragons are hot these days , you can try drag bat

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    There are two(or three) common ring bases, each of them is very strong to the Queen walk. Due to the Xbow firepower, that you can't walk long. Or that is, your queen will spend a lot of time hitting the wall.

    And, when you choose them as your defense base, you can learn other people's strategy(or get the elo boost).

    I mean, just take easy to the trophies. There is still enough time for you to have a experiment this season.

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    Although I'm not in legends(champions 3) Ring bases do seem to work. Infernos on multi. I just sit and watch everything go around my middle and slowly get destroyed by my infernos.

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    I'm using a ring base, it was quite effective til about 5500 cups, then most people know how to really attack.

    Attacking a ring, U need to use patience if u use an aq wak, until u r 100% sure where that crazy lady is going to go. Once u start 'anticipating' where she will go next ur in trouble..

    Also, always have a bb handy just in case
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