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    It’s an interesting relationship between CC and what you are trying to defend against. At the very highest levels of play, stopping the attacking heroes from accomplishing their goal (whatever it may be) is the most crucial part of the defense. That can be slowing down a queen charge to distract the queen while defenses rain damage on her, forcing early use of her cloak or an extra rage. It can also be stopping a queen on a sui attack where the entire goal of the attack is for her to dive into a small portion of the base and take out a key target. A hound CC is the best way to stop those objectives, and at the highest levels of play, those are the attacks the best players are using. 99.9% of us do not play at the highest level like that, but many of us do try to replicate those attacks, which is why the hound CC is so popular in many levels of gameplay.

    Truth is, against the typical attacker, a pair of CC witches with a baby drag will cause far more issues than a hound. The number of attacks I’ve stopped with that CC composition because the attacker attempts pebobat without a poison is very high.

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    Well if that is what you are expecting then it should be easy to counter right?!?

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    The worst thing is that I always get the wrong cc with my army. Hound if I use queen charge, double dragon if I ignore the cc and use sui hero laloon lol

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