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Thread: That evil eye...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatanaMaster12 View Post
    Same I hate that its anonymous
    Many time + and Agree!
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    i like to watch leave then watch and leave and carry that on for the duration of the attcak. just to wind up my clanmates

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    not exactly sure why supercell felt the need to add the eye in the first place. i get it some like an audience, why idk... they should have given us the option to hide if we didn't want to see it whenever they added it into the game.

    it's distracting. especially when it pops up all random during the attack.. like say 2 mins in or something..

    when I do a war attack or a regular attack I don't want any distractions. I just want to be able to focus and be precise.

    I think having a reactions feature like in cr be a bad idea too.

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